i have RP80 processor and on the digitech website it says that you can simulate an acoustic guitar sound. ive read the whole manual like 5 times and i cant find how to do it. plz help
i have that pedal too but it seriously doesn't feature an acoustic sound. I suggest buying an acoustic...
^this guy's wrong
yeah its just kind of a clean sound with a little reverb on mine. no real acoustic sound.
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It's on your amp modeling settings. look at the chart that shows the different anp model settings.
found it. thnks man. doesnt sound like an acoustic but better than before. had to add a lil delay. sounds alot better wit it when u play clean
It's there, not a great effect, but, there nonetheless. Under your amp model settings, there is an acoustic setting. I'm going by memory as mine is loaned out, but, I think it's AC?
go to EDIT/EFFECT, then scroll with EDIT/EFFET until you get to AMP MODELING. there, by using volume/master volume choose AC, click save. it doesnt sound liek an acoustic so dont put ur hopes up. but its better than playin it clean
its more of a beautiful clean sound. dont expect it to sound like an acoustic, it just sounds like a really high end clean sound. i have a digitech RP200A (i hate it...) and itts pretty much the same