My latest work, but I want to know what everyone here thinks first, plz feel free to listen intently to any mistakes, any flaws and anything that would make it really listenable and catchy
That would be real great!

http://lukas.dmusic.com/ - 1st one :'Every Single Time'

Anything you want help/advice/critisism on? Post the link here and i'll see what I can do
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Ok, this sounds so generic, seriously, but I really like the way you sing with an English accent. I don't see any flaws, its pretty cool dude, its like a feel-good song overall, if you know what i mean. Apparently you made it for the sole purpose of it going on the radio :P
Anyways, it was pretty damn good, overall, I mean its no shred, but its pretty cool.

Would you please crit my song??
Haha this is a great tune. Got that really english punk vibe - I grew up in an English town full of punks, this would have gone down well at the Frome Brittish Legion on a Friday night...but ufortunately it closed down in 1998 so no joy there.

Nice tune.
Top 5:
1) Only The Cool Climb - Tj1
2) My Favorite Dress - ~King_Of_Foolz~
3) She Once Was My Playmate - Tj1
4) Lovers Lullaby - KOF
5) Cold Dark Room - Ditda
Great stuff dude! You dont need anything to make it more listenable/catchy, it already is! Really godd feel to this song overall. I like the extra vocal bits at the end of verses etc if you know the things Im talking about. I can imagine this on the radio. Well its better than some of the crap already on the radio. I like the lead guitar. Fits well. Hmmm... whats bothering me is what is that melody in the intro...... its a nusery ryhme or something......

.. Anyway, keep it up! Could you crit me?
thx ppl, thx alot! English punk? I'm english yeah lol but i'm no punk but I like writtin the music thats all I can say!!

Nursery rhyme? I dunno, i just thought thought of that easy melody to go other the chord progression but it don't matter because nursery rhymes ain't copywritted are they? haha... yes I know the bits ur on about on the extra vocals, cool.

Singing great? Man, you have not heard me live lol, that is studio work there lol! hehe, the solo is mainly improvised

i'll check out all your songs