I currently have a Boss ME-50 and enjoy it alot. However, I'm into home recording and am currently using that with my amp and a Shure 57 mic.

However, i'm kinda tired of that and want to use an amp modeler for direct recording. Can anyone make a recommendation? I just want something that will record direct and give some great FX sounds

I've been looking at:

Boss GT-8
Line 6 Pod 2
Line 6 Pod XT
Line 6 Pod XT Live
I've heard the Vox ToneLab SE Tube Driven Modeling Floorboard Processor is good.

I've never played it but sounds good on the internet.
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Ive heard the Line 6 Pod XT/live is really a great pedal. Try one out if you can, you wont be dissapointed.
that would be right gsr2k6 it is i own it and am very impressed
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