hi guys. well, i have a black ibanez gax70. and... i completely gutted it and took it apart, except for the wire grounded to the bridge. i need help on how to take out the anchors. i dunno how so if someone could lend me some suggestions. this is my first time doing this so forgive me if i ask dumb questions. so, the guitar is black and i plan on repainting it. i definetly am gonna do a sunburst, but i am not sure what colors to use. i want a darkish ice tea type of burst. so if someone can propose paint schemes? ill have pics of the body and neck soon. i also plan on changing the tuners also. im debating whether or not to paint it myself or get it done professionally. so if anyone could give me some tips, it would be really helpful. any other tips on related stuff wuold help to. pics coming soon
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iI have a red GAX70 that I customized. My friend put in a new Seymour Duncan humbucker in the bridge and I shaved the corner off and filed it down. I don't know too much about paints, but good luck anyway.