In this song I am learning, the beginning is confusing me. The first four notes in fact. The rest of the song I'm starting to play nicely, and hopefully in a couple days I can play it by memory.

it's telling me to slide, but to the same place? When listening to the tab, it makes the slide sound but there is no change. In the song u can hear the slide... What am i supposed to do? Just ignore the slide? I mean if you weren't listening for it specificly you'd only hear the distortion guitar playing then the drums and the lead come in.

The Song's name is Dirty Little Secrets by the All american Rejects (figured it was easy to learn and I was right)

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It's just a small nuance the guitarist has put in the song... it doesn't really affect how the song sounds.

Just try sliding out and then quickly sliding back in to the shape... it's usually something like that.
for example, try sliding down from the eighth fret power chord to the sixth fret very quickly.