anybody? once ive found one i can order from either maplins or www.rshelectronics.co.uk i can get started

EDIT: and any particular wire needed for the offboard wiring?

EDIT no.2: and what normal (i.e. not radial electrolytic) caps are best for audio application, i.e. ceramic?
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Neither has trimpots that i can find. This is what it looks like though http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=160 . Theres many different styles though. They go on the board usually for transistor biasing. You can use a regular pot of the same value for external use on the box. This would allow biasing to be done on the box. Usually, misbiased things sound strange, but its sometimes fun.

EDIT: For offboard wiring use stranded wire (22 gauge). It has many small wires together, so that if one breaks, theres still the others. This is good to use for offboard because they are the parts that are moved the most. Use solid wire for onboard wiring.
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cheers, i think i may have to go with a regular pot if i cant find one, and just set it and leave it inside the box.
i'll try it out when it's built and then if i like the strange effects etc. i'll probably mount it on the side of the box, with a marker where the normal setting is, and its a trimpot for a compressor by the way
oh, ok. for fuzzes trimpots bias the transistors and when misbiased give strange noises. For a compressor, you will probably just want to set it to one spot and leave it. what compressor is it? the Orange Squeezer?