Alright guys!! Im getting my Fender Deville within this week! im also going to get..

1) boss tu-2 tuner

2) Dunlop DC-Brick

3) Ibanez TS9

I have 1 question though. I currently have A MD-2 Distortion, Dunlop Crybaby.. so will the DC-Brick do me alot of good. I want something reliable as hell and i dont want to daisy chain it as i heard it makes it sound pretty weak
TS9 FTW. everyone loves them... TS808? too and so on^^
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ok both of you have responded with something totally different than what he asked.

The DC Brick is pretty reliable with dunlop's bulletproof construction, it'll do fine with your current set-up.
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The DC brick should be fine, congrats on the new equipment, too.
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I think the DC Brick will be great for you. What's even better about it is it offers 18V as well as 9V. So if you ever get an 18V pedal (like the MXR 10-Band EQ) you'll be covered.
I tried a ts9 through a jcm800 combo and was extremely disappointed. I wasn't looking for any sort of high gain sounds either... it just sounded undefined... and it costs £110 ($200!!!) over here...

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5 pedals in front of the input shouldn't mess up your tone too much. It is when you start approaching 8, 10, or more pedals that an effects loops becomes necessary.

Edit: Make sure too use high quality patch cords. High quality cables will save your tone a bit more and the less cable between the amp and the guitar, the better.
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THanks for the help and advice guys! i ended up returning that TS9 cause i didnt like the way it sounded. I got the tuner, brick, Os-2, and chorus ce 5.. all boss.. I appreciate all the help!!!