Hi...I've got 3 pretty solid songs that I would like to put on a demo tape and start spreading them around. One is kind of an epic song, pretty long and grandiose. Then I've got a really nice soft acoustic song with really fragile lyrics. And then I've got a riff-oriented rocker song with a cool little chromatic chorus. Could anyone give me any ideas on the order that might be best?

Also, whats the cheapest way to record and duplicate 3 songs. Any equipment that would be useful, and the price of the equipment would be appreciated. Thank you.
Thanks for all the help, but I was thinking more of what recording equipment to use? As far as actually recording the songs while they are being played...thank you
check out shure mics, i think that it's the SM57 or something which is good. Also, another way to record is to use a DAW, i personally prefer these, but not everyone does.
if youre willing to spend money and you want to do it yourself, i would lean toward getting a firewire or usb mixer.
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Is that the kind of mixer your talking about? I could easily buy that and the SM57 mic Sir Edwin was talking about and I'd be in business, right?!

Oh..also I have a Digitech GNX4 pedalboard which has some recording abilities. Theres an 8 track recorder on it.However, I was never able to put it on my computer because the recording software was bad, I couldnt get my computer to recognize the GNX4 through the USB port, and it wouldnt work on my comp ( it was called Pro tracks I think). Will that be helpful in making my demo, if I could maybe buy some new software?

Thanks a lot for the help guys, im new to recording but this is opening my eyes a bit. I just play the stuff
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The Behringer mixer looks like just the thing. As for your pedal, if you can get it to work then tryit and see what happens. I'd try to be sure of what software you'd need to make it work but I can't help you there.
there's some good (and free/cheap) software out there, particulary acoustica mixcraft, and audacity. you would most likely be better off recording through your sound card with the GNX4 due to latency issues etc etc... just plug it into the mic in or the line in (located most likely by your speaker output) and hit record.

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Out of the information you've given I would suggest:

2Soft acoustic

However, which one of these songs do you feel is the strongest? You should probably put that one first since that is what people will make their first impressions about. Also what key are all of these songs in? I firmly believe that you should not put two songs of the same key in a row because sometimes people will say that the songs sound the same.
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