Managed to snap the high e on my S470 today, which turned out to be good timing as my swineshead set comes in a few days. Having a few problems though:

I've lost the manual, alan keys and everything. Managed to undo the locks at the headstock and cut the strings with pliers, removed them from the machineheads but I have no idea how to remove the strings from the bridge. I cant even see where they go (they just appear to go "into" it). Cant see where they come out like you can on most FR's. Looked for an online manual but didnt get very far.

Secondly, I noticed my frets for the bottom 3 strings are looking quite worn - you can see quite a distinguished flat facet to the top of each fret (nice and shiny) from about 12 to 19. Is this normal? Its only 3 months old, even though I do play it for plenty of hours each day I was quite suprised anyway.

Finally, whats the best way to clean this with stuff I might find around the house? I dont have time to go out and buy some proper cleaner, so hopefully there is something good I can use lying around - the fretboard has some quite nice brown gunge sticking to it (mmmm sweat) and I dont fancy leaving it in this state, I want it looking nearly new when i've finished everything.

I really want my pickups now, went to play my old backup LP to feed my hunger to play but it just doesnt play as nice

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You can grab a set of allen keys at a home hardware shop, the one that unlocks the saddles on the bridge is the same size key as the one that unlocks the locking nut. When you unlock the saddles (using these little screws), don't lose the string locker block (the black T-shaped things that press the string down). I've lost a few of those and replacements are hard to find.

As far as frets go, how's the fret profile when you look from the side of the neck? I've used my S470 for half a year extensively, and the frets were like new. Maybe it's just a visual illusion.
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