lets see how someone can actually play something on that ****ing ****hole...
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Was there a picture of the man with 3 arms to play it?
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Was there a picture of the man with 3 arms to play it?

i could even sig that
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i could play one of those with my penis hands down

i sigged that
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one of the necks actually has no freyboard underneath, how does that work then? 0_o
Here's a clip of pat metheny playing the Pikasso


He probably had ideas for this type of music and just wanted a way to play it, hence the guitar. It's not 'stupid', its just a very unique tool.
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Seen it.
still neat though.
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imagine the pain in the ass replacing the strings. . .

u need like Vishnu to play that thing
i call it, the pulp guitar
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arent most of those necks drone strings? it looks like only one is fretted or long enough to really play anything on.
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That singer . . . the hair . . . . . . . . .

lol it looks like C.C. DeVille from Poison with his hair grown out about a foot longer
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