im about to buy a new guitar from guitarcenter in a couple hours and im wondering, do they setup guitars on the floor?do they setup at all?
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yea theyll do anything for you
just ask
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they should actually set up the guitars once they arrive at the shop and leave em on the guitar stand and un-tune them (thats how my music shop does it)
I went to Guitar Center this past weekend to try out Telecasters. I wanted one with a V-neck and a maple fretboard. The only one they had in the store had just come in - it was still in the box in the back. So the guy grabs it, brings it out, cracks open the box, pulls out the case, takes the tags and stuff off the guitar (I'm literally the first person to touch this guitar from the factory), no setup or anything... It's a 1952 Reissue American Telecaster. Gorgeous finish, great feel, and broken.

That's right...the $1,350 guitar had a broken switch. It made a really loud popping noise when I flicked over to the neck pickup, and it sounded like I suddenly cranked the tone control down to 0 (which I didn't). What a disappointment (not that I was going to buy it right then, but still). I wouldn't assume anything, and have them do a setup for you to your specifications.
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