whats a good pair of cheapish straplocks that id be able to find at guitarcenter?
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schaller straplocks. dunlops are okay, but ive seen them break.

i would go with schaller
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I have Schaller strap locks. They're amazing. I'd definitely get them if I were you.

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^yeah the clip locks in the link work well and theyre cheap

but they do look pretty trashy

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Dimarzio Clip lock straps > Strap locks.

Look into them. They screw into your guitar, but the strap clips off. And they are hella durable. Best.....Strap...................ever.
i've never had a problem with my dunlop straplocks. then again, i don't headbang and/or spin the guitar around my body
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i used a guys guitar with clicklock straps and i hated them.....first the top oine came off in the middle of a song and i had to kneel down with the guitar on my knee for the rest of it. then the back on came off when i was messing with my pedal board and it fell and the headstock hit my EQ and broke one of the sliders off...... also knock the neck a little out of whack.....i was pissed and my friend was too
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Schaller all the way. They are way better than Dunlop.

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If you're cheap like me:

Unscrew the strap pins.
Make a little hole in your strap end with a pointy thing (separate from the original hole)
Poke the screw threw it
Screw back onto guitar

Downside is the strap is always on the guitar, but thats also the advantage at the same time.