Okay i've just setup my Ibanez Trem. I'm guessing it didn't come w/ .09's from the factory because I changed the strings to 09's and suddenly the action was reallly high. So I adjusted it and lowered it perfectly to where I want it and made sure all the frets and stuff don't get cut out by higher frets (on upper top string frets)

Anyway, I tuned it up and everything. Now here's my question.

After tuning it for a long time and locking the nut, adjusting the fine tuners and getting it perfect to E440 it's great.

BUT as soon as I do a single divebomb or squeal, even just a little one, it pops back out of tune.

What I want to know is how long will it take for the guitar to get to the point where I can use the whammy bar without it going out of tune. Will it ever? Do I need to let the string settle for a certain period of time? etc.
when you put new strings on, always stretch each one out. Run your finger along each string, pulling it away from the fretboard to stretch them. Do this a few times, and it should be ok to tune up and use.
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which JEM is it, if its the 555 then the trems just bad, but if its the 7V or higher then its something else
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After stretching, make sure you really tighten up the nut and string locker. After that lube your trem posts using lipbalm/chapstick. Is this a new JEM? even though its a JEM Jr., if made in 2006, the trem should not lose its tuning right after you purchase it, unless there's some serious abuse at the shop.
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btw ; the same trem is on the js100, not on the 1000 or 1200
Does it sharpen when you divebomb, then flatten when you do pull ups?
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