So have a pedalboard with 7 pedals, but it's mad heavy and I find myself not using most of them anymore as much as I'd like to. I basically just use my tuner (of course) and my newly acquired Fulltone Fulldrive II. So I was inspired to build a smaller, simple DIY board with some very basic items around my house. It took me about 30 minutes to make, and I'm not that great of a builder at all. I wasn't thinking of posting it on here when I made it, but I have the finished product and some of the material I started with.

Materials needed:
  • Plastic box cover (at least 16" by 12")
  • Super glue
  • Velcro
  • 6 - 3/8" machine screws
  • 6 - Hex nuts
  • 6 - Washers
  • 2 - 9" pieces of loop-side Velcro
  • 4 rubber stoppers (I got mine from my Cybaby).

  • Cut a 10.5" x 7" square out of the plastic top (I used a boxcutter).
  • Cut two 0.5" x 9.5" strips out of the square (used for reinforcement strips).
  • Superglue the reiforcement strips about 0.5" from the sides of the square plastic board.
  • Drill 6 holes into the reinforced area (evenly placed, I'm too lazy to give exact measurements) to place the machine screws through.
  • In the outer four screw holes, put the screw and the rubber stoppers, and in the inner two, put the screw and three washers each (for more reinforcement).
  • On the rest of the screw that's sticking out on top, screw in the hex nuts.
  • Round the corners of the board and send the edges down to make them smoother.
  • Put the two 9" pieces of Velcro on top, and you're done!




With pedals:

You can fit about 3 standard Boss pedals on there, I can only fit 2 pedals because the Fulldrive is pretty big. Hope this was slightly interesting.
That's pretty clever dude, I'm gonna go make one!
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