hey what's up, i heard that with floyd rose you have greater string tension so you could use a smaller gauge. right now im playing in drop C with 54-42-30-22P-15-11. I'd like to know what gauge i should get with the floyd rose. would 52-11 be good? or would 52-10 be better? how about 50-10? tell me your thoughts and experience thanks
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With Drop C you want big sound so bigger Gauge strings are better, I use 11's on mine and I love em. I'd stay Stick with 54-11. BUt there's nothing wrong with Just trying out somethign different. It really depends on what you prefer
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I'm not a huge fan of big strings with an FR, they add a lot of tension, and I like my bridge pretty loose. I'm pretty sure thomas was .11s on his Virgin though, and it's fine. You really have to force the trem though, and I always feel like something's gonna break .
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