Lately I've been listening to a lot of Pantera, and I was just wondering how I do those crazy harmonics Dimebag pulls off. I know it has something to do with not holding down the string all the way to the fret, but from there I am lost.
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He used a lot of pinch harmonics

yeah, he did, they aren't to hard if you practice, but you might be talking about natural harmonics, although i don't think he used them very much, they are a lot easier, and don't really require practice once you figure them out
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Dime does a few different variations of the harmonic. He does the pinch harmonic, which is what I believe you're refering too. You gotta kind of play with it really. Find the sweet spot so to speak. For me it's easy if I use one or the other on my index finger. Then kinnda turn your fingure if you know what I mean. It will squeal if done right. The loud long range squeals Dime does is doen by a flicking method I think he made up (CUZ HE'S THE MAN). How he teaches it is: fingure mute all the rest of the strings except the one you want to flick. Then bring your fingure from the fret board to pushing(flicking) the string you wanna use, and lightly touch a harmonic sweet spot. 5th fret and 7th are the easiest. You'll notice when tried a lot you can do anything with a guitar. Here's a link to what I'm talking about:


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There are two things that could be addressed here.

One is the pinch harmonics he used, which are done by plucking the string normally, yet also grazing the string with the side of your thumb. It takes some practice but it's pretty fun to play with once you get good at it. Also it can really change the kick-ass-ness of a song. For example, if you've ever heard Children of Bodom's version of Rebel Yell; it really does make a big difference.

Executing a good Pantera-esque pinch harmonic would require much distortion, and I'm sure (just like Zakk Wylde) his guitars and equipment were partially and specifically designed to pull off easy pinch harmonics.

The other thing (which most likely isn't necessary information but you might as well know) is that signature squeal he does. The most obvious example of this is at the very end of Cemetery Gates, he does it about 4 times. That final note holds for like 15 seconds. Go here for an instructional video by Dimebag himself.
hey, do you guys think it is possible to pull of a dimebag squeel on a crappy guitar like my Ibanez GSA 60?? cause my Destroyer has a fixed bridge
you won't get as far, because you can't go up with that trem.

your guitar will probably go wacked out of tune if you attempt a divebomb on that thing. GSA 60 was my first guitar.