Uh oh, another thread by me lol.

Anyway, to the point, im going to try some guitars on Wednesday but before I do, I wanna know whats the best out of these guitars because im gonna go by what you guys say when trying the guitars. I probably wont try all the guitars because of time and that but im definitely gonna try the top few guitars im told are the best.

So here goes, whats better out of all of these?

Jackson JS20
Dean MLX
Squier M-80 Master Series Bolt-On Neck
Ibanez GRG-170DX

I know its quite a large list but you know, I really wanna make the best choice as being a drummer as well, I rarely have enough money to buy anythnig for guitar.

Thanks ever so much guys

- Echelon
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all are pretty crappy, but I would go with the Ibanez. They always suprise me with the value of their axes.
top axes:
Taylor GS8
Fender American Strat (w/DiMarzio pickups)
Epiphone Les Paul
Theyre all pretty bad... but id get the dean because you seem like a begginer guitarist so a floyd would only anger you. Actually a liscenced floyd can anger anyone.
I know theyre all pretty bad but im a beginner and I dont wanna spend a lot because if I dont like the guitar in the future it wont be so bad because I didnt spend a lot in the first place.
The dean or the Ibeanez. Generally even there starter guitars are decent, the other slowend are cruddy.
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