Are they?

Just kidding. Today I tried an Orange amp (hence thread title) at the music store, together with a Gibson LP studio, and I must say, the sound blew my ears away. I think it was the Rocker 30 C, but I'm not sure. It's priced around 999 to 1500 Euros, depending if it's the one from the catalogue or not. (catalogue says 999 for the amp at a different store, the one at the store I played it said 1500)
Anyway, has anyone had any experience with Orange Amps? Are they trustworthy, do they have a good reputation?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: And for some reason the sound is just perfect for playing Tool. Hm!
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oh man, orange amps are amazeing, they've been around forever so they know what they are doing as far as making amazing creamy overdrive in their amps, id say buy 2 and send one to me (pm me 1st).
Orange Amps are great. The only problem with them is they have a unique sound.. some people like it, some peopel hate it. If you like it, I say go for it absolutely.