Just wanted some opinions on these guitars. I love both and can't choose.

I need something that is:

- Comfortable and easy to play, and quite light.
- Fast neck and smooth action.
- Good sustain.
- Good chunky, thick sound (I play punk and metal, so it needs to be able to chug and have a meaty sound).
- Good, soft cleans from the neck as well as a good lead tone.
- Be able to cope with heavy gauge strings without doing any damage to the nut or neck.

It's between the PRS SE Custom and the Schecter S-1 Elite. They were both gorgeous. I'm thinking I'm leaning towards the Schecter though..
go for the schecter! they're much better for metal and they're usually less expensive.
Yes I've played them both. Played for the Schecter for about an hour and a half straight, and the PRS twice for about 40 mins a pop.
It all depends on ur preference...but if you really want advice, i would def. say take the schecter.
i absolutely would do ANYTHING for a PRS. i think everyone has a schecter, which is a turnoff for me. PRS just looks so much more appealing. both guitars are probably fine for you
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yea man def. go with the schecter, i've had mine for a while now and it is absolutely awesome, i have a schecter 006 deluxe, PRS is good and i would buy one if i could afford it but i enjoy schecters as well, i mean if you look at them both they pretty much look alike, the headstox look almost exactly the same, and they're both just greatly amazing guitars, and i hope that you figure out which one you'd like to purchase