does anyone no much about this, it looks like it could have some pottential but i havnt tested it, if any one has tried one please tell me what you thought of it and the pros and cons, thanks
Behringer is a crappy brand, i believe thats the 120 watt combo. if you want a combo like that i would look at the rumble 100, it will sound way better than the Behringer.
hmm behringer gear in general is a bit shoddy.

I know 3 people with behringer amps and 1 had a broken switch, the other had blown up and just hissed constantly. Although, the one that worked, was actually quite good.
i own one... and it blew after about 4 months with the gain and master volume at about 12 o'clock so they sent me a new one and now it has this light distortion at VERY LOW volumes... which SUCKS... the ultrabass is also pretty useless and it only really works on the A and D strings mainly and don't play faster with it on that 8th notes or it just gets choppy.. so yea..

it also doesn't seem like it's 120W... my friend had this roland cube 60 watter i think and i had to turn about 3/4 max volume and gain WITH overdrive pedal on to really cut through good

but i'm stuck with it...

i suggest getting this instead

a bit off topic but good news for the bass forum, my behringer is about to blow! any day now n when it does im postin pics
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I own it, and so far it's been good. I messed around with it and got a nice tone, and it's never blown out or screwed up at all. Plus, it's really cheap and affordable.
getting a behringer is like making a coin toss. you get an inexpensive good bass amp OR you get an inexpensive bass amp that will go kaboom. (I've seen more the second one, but everybody is free to differ.)
Personally I would get it.
I have a bx600 and its fine for for prac and home stuff never used it in a gig, sorry i know that doesnt help lol
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