who is the fastest guitarist you've ever heard? i'm just talking about speed so they're skill doesn't really matter that much as long as they're decent, so basically don't say that (this is just an example) john petrucci is better than yngwie malmsteen because he writes better songs, i don't care about that, i just want to know who is faster, i would either say Michael Angelo Batio, Herman Li, or Sam Totman
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Francesco Ferari, he is the fastest in the world he can play 32 notes per second
i've heard a few: malmsteen, Chris Impellitteri, and some other guy whose name i don't know but he played Flight of the BumbleBee on electric guitar which is 500 bpm
i heard paul mccartney did the marathon

No really cman was right but you shoulda checked the shred forums fastest guitarist thread.
EDIT: John Petrucci was the one who played Flight of the bumblebee on guitar, and bpm doesnt have that much to do with with speed.
Whoever said Zakk Wylde was the fastest youve ever heard, WTF!?
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There's a stickied thread in the shred forum of whose the fastest that we've compiled so far.


There you go.
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Check the shred forum, there's a big thread on the fastest guitarists.
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