Hey everyone this is a song by my band Full Faith and Credit (check the actual song out on www.myspace.com/fullfaithampcredit)

verse 1:

Call You up
you're never there
i'm always waiting

there's not a chance
through anyone
for this re-hating
and i know

the consequences that are lost
you're always (always) on the run
and for the purpose you will say goodbye
forever afterall

pre chorus:

this time you're wrong
i know you're wrong
i knew it all along

tonight is all we have
lets make it last

and i'm sorry to move on and on
and its alright to move on and on
i know you need me here c'mon
forever after


take a step back
and count to ten
hold your breath now
and let it all begin

verse 2:

and do you think that i deserve this
or was it just an act of faith?
so clench your fists together
but hold it there until you regain your strength

will we get past? will we get through?
will we get by? should we try to?

for the purpose you will say goodbye
forever afterall

thanks so much!!!
This was really good, I especially love that you already have it recorded so it takes the difficulty in reading it away.

Anyways, to the lyrics. I thought the prechorus was a tad long, maybe splitting it and putting the "move on" part before the second chorus. The song seemed kind of unbalanced with such a long prechorus and a short chorus.

Keep up the good work, I like your other songs too.
thanks a lot.

if anyone else could give their input it would be awesome. Just give a listen and if you don't enjoy it don't hesitate to tell me how bad i am at everything i try.

i'm just one kid trying to make it in a big big world.
hey nice job here, sorry for tihs crappy crit, but reed took my comment lol, yeah just the pre-chorus and your set mate.

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