I've been playing my acoustic guitar for about 7 or 8 months now and today while playing I noticed that part of the nut near the thick E string had been cracked off. It hasn't cracked as much as to let the string move out of place, but it still 'causes me to worry. I had not ever noticed this damage previously.

Strangly enough, about a two weeks ago while playing my mom's boyfriends cheapest acoustic guitar (just an extra he had around his house, which had not been taken care of) and the nut cracked apart around the thin B and e strings and caused them to fall out of place.

Approximatley how much does a nut replacement cost, and are there any specific nuts that are better than others? Thanks for all the replies in advance.
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really souldnt cost you alot when my broke i was like 20 bucks but it really depends on the place you bring it to i brought mine to a local music shop but it shouldnt be alot
Okay, thanks. I'm just worried about it 'cause I really want to play it, but don't want to damage it any further. Also, would placing my capo on one of the frets help save it, at least for a while?
oh i dont know about that one
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Just get a new nut, it's just wear and tear.
It won't cost much, and get someone to install it for you.
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