hey i went to a pawn shop the other day and saw a few epi les pauls hangin on the wall. i reckognized two of em easily but the third was definitely one that isn't advertised very much (TO MY KNOWLEDGE). it has the les paul shape of course, the volueme and tone knobs are the metal (thimbil as i would say) style such as on maybe the jackson guitars, the fret inlays are beautiful-simple-hard to describe really-mother of pearl, the headstock...which i noticed the most was a style that i haven't seen epi use be4-it wasn't like a standard epi headstock nor an etlist style- more distinct, the finish is a black w/ i guess cheetah like white imprints on it, thats the most acurate way for me to put it, and it also has a set neck. now on the back it says either limited edition les paul or special edition les paul. and finally the pickup covers are chrome w/ an "E" and i think wings on both sides of the "E" . personally i think the guitar is one of a kind and maybe even a lucky deal for me.


now i HAD to plug this baby in and play it... gave it some blues licks...some "Don't Cry" w/ solo...thunderstruck for fun...it passed w/ flying colors lemme tell ya the chunky rythms i got were jizzmatic.

the guitar was $250 w/ a gig bag. so according to wut i see the pawn shops round here sell used guitars as i'd have to guess that the guitar would normally sell for around 400 roughly....OR maybe the pawn shop owners were like me and haven't seen that type of epiphone les paul and thought it was a really low end version (which i DOUBT).

god this is getting long i had to include all details about it so that whoever's played this kind be4 will instantly know which one im talking about. if u have then please post a reply reviewing it i'd GREATLY appreciate it.

i have already put money down on it and am taking it home w/ me pretty soon. even tho i haven't seen anyone w/ this kind of epi i'd sure as hell be proud to give it some light into the world ya know. so plz, any help would really make my day. thanx fellow guitarists.
maybe it was a limited edition, or maybe who ever bought it originaly just customized it. when you get it take pics and post them though, it seems pretty cool
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u could be rite i guess but im pretty sure it wasn't personally customized unless by a luthier b/c...well...i guess u'll c when i have the pics. wuts ur e mail address? i'll send the pics whenever i go back to the shop and u can see wut im talkin bout. it's definitely a lil diff. than usual
Just post the pictures on here.
Go to an uploading site>upload pictures>post links