Their are secrets you keep and never speak
They are filled with sin until the very end
How long will you be able to hide from the truth
If you don?t say a thing they don?t have any proof
Guilt fills your conscience then it takes control
Your a gutless bastard with a tormented soul

Their is no pity for you cant you see
I don?t even think you believe in me
I wait in your dreams until you fall asleep
I don?t make promises that I cant keep
Ill be there to haunt you every night
Until it possesses you to take your life

^Not Finished^
christ, so many mistitled threads in the past hour, I think I'm just gonna give everyone the same advice:
1. read S&L Rules and FAQs, specifically the part on 'thread titles'
2. delete this and re-post it with a correct title
3. then I shall crit it