A few friends and i have been listening to way to much man or astro man, mermen and ect so we made a few surf songs this is one we threw up on myspace if you guys could give me so feedback on it or mabye so tips on playing in that style im the guitarist


also there's 2 min intro of us just talking so if you wanna skip it go ahead

wow the drums are very overpowering, not that its too much of a bad thing cos they were my favourite part... melody wise it was quite boring (altho quite catchy at first, it still started to lose my attention after a while) but i'm sure with a vocalist it would get spiced up a lot more...

anyways - looky looky: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408677
I would post up what I have to say but ridder already said all of it. The drum volume kinda smacked me in the face, the melody caught me attention at the beginning but began to get repetitive. Vocals are much needed. Keep workin on it, the song has promise if it is put together right.

mine - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408712
yeah im new at play this stuff it was improv so mabye i need to write this stuff out and i cant really help the drum level its recorded with one mic in the drummers bassment also man vocals would be awesome but its hard to find people who can sing around where i live but thanks guys
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yeah i had a feeling it was improvised, don't ask me why lol...
Ignore everyone about the vocals, you just need a set melody or two which shoots off to some random solo. That's what we do with surf. Mainly, you need a new progression. I can understand that it was probably a jam, though. I know the perils of trying to chang key in the middle of a jam. I liked the little breakdown where the drums dropped down. Definitely way too long for a surf song, though. Nice to see someone going surf. I'll try to put my band's surf song up when I can record it. Think Shadows meets Rage Against the Machine meets the army.

My song- not the one I talked about
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