What's up, haven't posted anything here in quite a while, and was bored and messin around with my computer mic...figured I'd throw this up and see what ya guys thought.

Keep in mind I'm a terrible singer, and an average guitar player at best...and I'm using crappy equipment. If that isn't a recipe for greatness then I don't know what is.

..be gentle..

By the way, did this in just one quick take just to see how it would turn out...might try and do a more polished version when I get an opportunity, if I get any kind of positive feedback that is.


sounded good man... might want to keep away from some of those really high notes, but all in all, not bad at all.....
yeah man i love this song you did a good job my bands doing a super fast punk verson of it but i like this one alot and your voice not a terrible singer keep up the good work
ha, thanks guys...those high notes are rough...but i wasn't trying to be perfect, just messin around. really appreciate the comments though.