So this September 23rd in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Stones are playing. I'm pretty pumped that their coming back to these regions, as I saw them last september in Moncton, New Brunswick. Anybody going??

Anyways, the other day the opening acts have been released.

You've got Sloan, who've done fairly well, atleast in Canada, and are from Halfax.

Alice Cooper...

AND...wait for it...

Kanye West.

My response = "huh?"

Anywho, what do you guys think about it?
Yeah, I wonder if Kanye really knows what kind of concert he's going to. To bad I don't know where Halifax is or I'd go...if I could...
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hahah, it's in Nova Scotia, Canada. Google Earth it? But yeah, apparently the Stones actually invited Kanye to the event. Ah well, its outdoors, 60 000 people, half of the tix sold out the 1st day, and now that kanya has been announced, a bunch of other people are going to be buying tickets, so I'm glad I got mine early.
Kanye, isnt that bad....and im sure he knows what he is in for...maybe he is trying to ridge the gap between rock n hip hop or somethin cheesy like that
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Sounds pretty ****ing awesome to me.

when you've got ****ing sloan and Kanye on the same bill you know you've hit the ****ing jackpot, seriously.
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Alice Cooper opening for the Stones? Awesome

Kanye West... So what? Think of Cooper, that should get you through his part

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What do you got against Kanye. Honestly he is one of the only artists of modern music I can stand and im not just talking rap im talking all modern music.
Thats so sweet.
He'll be so out-of-place.
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Considering Cooper is a conservative, while Kanye thinks Bush hates black people...

But, on Cooper's new album, Xzibit raps on it, maybe Kanye is filling in.
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people who are into kanye will go and also see the Stones, possibly turning them onto classic or blues rock. that can't be bad
I like Kanye West...he's the best mainstream rapper out there by quite a long shot.

How you know you've really made it in the music industry...

You have had Metallica, Alice Cooper, and Kanye West as your OPENING ACTS.
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Who's Kanye West?
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He did that irritating song with Jaime Foxx... "She give me money....when I'm in need."

That one.

But, he also did "Jesus Walks," which is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time.
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but whatever you do, never, i repeat NEVER masturbate with hot sauce.