In your opinion what are the two best overdrive and distortion pedals for bass. They can be Ones made for guitar but work for bass too. I just want to know everyones opinion please cash in.
try a big muff....it's for guitar but since it's got a lot of bass it sounds good on bass.
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Big Muff and the Big Muff.

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Ibanez PD7, i love it. I've had it for a year and a half and always use it when i play
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i've tried Boss it was pure pure crap, then i tried the EHX big muff and the proco turborat. those two are not so bad, but i thought they where a bit limited. but i that's the sound you're looking for then go for it.
then i tried the EBS Multidrive en the fulltone bassdrive 2. both very great versatile pedals, but also pretty pricy. I ended up buying the fulltone because it had a more vintage sound to it
The Ibanez PD7 seems to be popular. I liked the sound I got from a Boss DS-1 (guitar distortion) though. Roll back on the tone and you get a real fat sound.
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