so i just recently went to a guitar show and thought i could find some cheap used gibsons. lololol wrong, they were all like old vintage colector items. i got about 500 bucks and someone told me to look on ebay. do you thin k this is a good idea. i already looked at some and they are prety cheap, but what i mean is, is it safe. like what if they are lieing and it has a bunch of scratches and crap. is it safe to buy from ebay, also is shipping ok, will it hurt the guitar??

if anyone has a gibson sg in 500 bukcs range tell me!!!!
A link for the auction page would be muy bueno.
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I have bought from ebay (not guitars) but it is very safe, you just have to know who you are buying to, look into the sellers feedback you can see if it's safe to buy from him/her or not
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Look at the feedbacks first and then try to google sellers name to if they are scammers or not (many sites have a list of known scammers on ebay). Another thing you can do is check others items sellers are and were selling. If they only sell small items and focus on some categories and all of sudden they start to sell these expensive items at a good price then theres a good chance they are trying to scam for quick money or their accounts have been stolen.
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Be carefull with used guitars from ebay, especially Gibsons! There is a asian gibson copy scam going around on ebay, and you can read what to look out for if you search gibson in the selling guides section.

Basically, the copies have 3 screws on the truss rod cover and real Gibsons have 2. If it's too good to be true... than don't buy it. Another dead giveaway is when there is an asian country listed under the seller's location. Gibsons are made in america, copies are made in asia.

Ebay users are usually very honest about wear and scratches on guitars, bc they could be reported for selling an item not as described.

As long as you don't buy a copy, ebay is an awesome place for guitars.
Unfortunately, 500 bucks won't get you a used les paul or sg (over $1,000). You might be able to get a lower price ranged gibson or an epiphone (similiar to how fender owns squier, gibson owns epiphone).