I just bought the floyd rose pro and had it installed. it works great but not what i thought it would. I still find it sometimes going out of tune. If i dont tune it for a week it might be a half step lower. Did the guys that installed it do a crapy job or is this just whats expected? Oh and could any of you guys give me some tips to keep it in tune to were i dont have to buy something or put it in a shop?
Make sure the bridge is parallel to the body and the locking nut is firmly tigten. BTW could you tell me how much did it cost you to install the floyd rose? Thinking of swapping my LFR for an OFR too but i'm afraid it might cost too much to install.
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It all matters on where you go. it only cost me $15. I paid them 50 to make it work though...tune, intonation, neck adjustments and all that. All together no bad.
it shouldn't be going out of tune, the FR Pro is a kickass trem. Couple things to look at. Make sure you stretch your strings out everytime you put new ones on, very important. Next, take a look at the locking nut. Make sure the strings are firmly sitting in the little "V"s at the top of the nut. Your string retainer should be pushing the strings down, so they lie completely in the bottom of the V. If you don't have a string retainer, your headstock should be angled enough so that the strings are laying in that V, otherwise you have to make sure the string is wound so it ends at the base of the tuner. That will keep the angle lower. Next check the nut itself. Under the 3 locking pads, there are two screws holding the locking nut on the neck. Most of the time they come thru the top, but on some guitars, they bolt from behind the neck. Make sure those screws are secure so they hold the nut firmly. Other than that, just make sure the trem itself is riding level, as was mentioned.
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