Hey Guys.. I have an american deluxe fat strat, and while restring today i came across a very weird problem.

I can't fit my low e string through the hole to thread it into the tuner. So i look at it closely, try loosening the locking nut, and nothing happens. Long story short, it seems to be jammed somehow, and I cant get it to loosen to unlock (the little bar that creeps up in the string hole is still there--I can't put my string though it..) I've got it off the headstock and I've been looking at it for an hour or so, any help or ideas would be great.. I don't want to give up and go to guitar center just yet.

Thats strange, if it's worked before, maybe you got a higher gauge strings?
I would suggest trying to make it a little bigger, (ie a small drill, something like that) but you don't want to risk breaking it.
I would suggest going to GC.
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