I'm looking for a good overdrive pedal at a very affordable cost. i got a new guitar and it doesnt have the EMGs i was hoping for (i just couldnt find one at GC with them that was in my price range) and the distortion on it is good going through my old peavey vtx heritage 100w amp, but i want an overdrive pedal, something that can give me a hard ass crunch like the insane setting on the line6 spyder II.
Well is your amp a tube amp? cus overdrives are only for tube amps, if not then you need a distortion pedal. but if it is then i would suggest the Maxon OD-9 its the best.
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there not technically "only" for tube amps, some people use them on solid states...they have the greatest use on tubes obv...
Not to steal the thread or anything but i have a question......ok

How would an OD pedal work with a Valvestate amp? how would it sound ?

cuz i have a Marshall VS100 head and its tubes in the preamp and i was just wondering how it would sound with an OD pedal.