I know a lot of emo songs are sentimental; but what do you think is the most sentimental emo song that is more than music; more like a connection to lovers?
"lets get it on" - marvin gaye
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Yeah, theres far too many

with my ex gf and i,

with me personally,

my friends and i.

so so so many.
Sentimental to me would be "Drive" by my own band Stealing Glimpses (sig link).

As for other bands, I must say that "The Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance is a real kicker. I remember hearing it whilst water-skiing in the middle of a stinking hot Aussie summer before MCR had any fans in Australia, some random guy from the states was there and played me and my old band at the time this CD "Three CHeers for Sweet Revenge" and that one song stood out to me as a performance that just had everything an emotional song needed.
yellowcard - only one.
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