recently ordered a m-audio fast track usb audio interface and i can't seem to get the guitar input to work i installed the software and everything can som1 help me?
yeah, what exactly are you trying to do? you are not specific enough with your problem, so its hard to help. it sounds like you are going to need to download an ASIO driver, but since i cant really tell what you are talking about i could be wrong.
i installed the driver and it shows the blue light which means it's on but when i plug in my guitar i dont get any feed back or anything and theres also no signal light, i dont even get feedback when i try to play something on cubase.
The Signal light is only for microphone. You may have to change your Device Order in the software you are using. It is probably still set for your default sound card.
you are probably going to need to download an ASIO driver if you are just playing. there is a free one called ASIO4ALL that i use. not top of the line, but good enough. so you would select that under audio options (or the eqivelent, i dont know the prog) and make sure the input is set to M-Audio Fast Track. Then set the output to whatever you want, either your soundcard or the Fast Track again if you wanna use the headphone out there. make sure you close all other programs that use sound before you start, that can make it so you can get signal.
yea i already installed the driver and put my soundcard as the output and the m audio fast track as my input but no signal
It wont light up the signal light, that is only for a mic signal. Try recording a little bit, and see if it picks up anything.

EDIT: Also, this is pretty obvious, but make sure your output on the Fastrack is turned up
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the input doesnt have any amplification. plug your guitar up to ur amp, and then amp 2 device. make sure its set to guitar not mic also. try goldwave or some proffessional program
ok so i connected the guitar to it and put in headphones to see if i could hear anything. i didnt hear any feed back but i could see the signal light turning on whenever i stroke the strings and turning off when i muted the guitar so i think theres still hope.
in session (the software that comes with it) try pressing the button "toggle input monitoring" on the track ur guitar is on