i really like the slash wah but is it worth it? its quite pricey. is there another crybaby that does the same exact thing? heres the link
Looks SWEET its not THAT expensive either...
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Meh, the built in distortion is what's jacking up the price. I'd get a 535Q for more sound styling options.
I'm pretty sure Slash didn't use a distorted wah on, say, "Sweet Child O' Mine". If you're going for the way he played back in GnR, any Crybaby should do fine. I'm kinda curious what a wah with distortion built-in would sound like, but I don't know if it's worth that much more than a normal one.

If that's the only feature you're concerned about, I'm curious - what do you use for distortion/overdrive when you're not using the wah? Is it not enough? From my personal experience, my Crybaby adds plenty to the sound without any more distortion.

If you've never played with a wah before, I'd recommend you check out a normal one - for example, any of the Crybaby line - and see if that's enough for you, before investing in a pedal with a feature you might use only rarely or never.
Its personel preference you need to get out and play them both are good wahs i personally prefer the crybaby while others prefer the VOX so you just need to get out and try them
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