This is a song I've been making for quite a while... So far I've gotten good reviews from friends and people I know... I decided to see what others have to say... so... download Frozen Inside at al469.dmusic.com. I'll be more than happy to crit yours



I feel like I'm gonna die today
I don't even listen to what they say
Day by day I change my way, Yeah

Time and time again I'd tell myself
That I was wrong
But all that matters is who you are

I think about all the days that have passed me
And what you have done to me
Yeah, Yeah, I know it's all
Lost in my head
I don't deserve to live
I'm gone
Bye, bye
I'm gone, I'm gone
- aL -
I liked it.. there was somethin that sounded too.. i dunno.. too much like Pop or somethin? But it was a good song none the less... Vocals are nice as well.. good job
wow, nice instrumentals, did u even do them?

Anyways, it sounds pretty good, really pop but still pretty damn good, and you're voice is pretty cool too, I think you need to make your vocals just a tad louder. I like the synth bass line on there as well.

Would you crit mine?
Well, I played the pianos and strummed acoustic guitars, and there's an acoustic guitar solo by Fadi Masad, a really good guitarist [as you can hear :P] The bass, strings, and drums are sequenced by MIDI keyboards... Which also explains why it sounds so pop. :P I appreciate everyone who wrote comments so far.
- aL -