I'm getting a new guitar from the Schecter range and I can get the Omen 6
or the C1 Classic. Now I'm not stupid I realilise that the C1 is a much
superiour guitar but if I get the Omen 6 I will soon have enough money to buy
a new half stack amp.

So which do you guys choose

Schecter Omen 6 & Half stack
Schecter C1 Classic

P.S. I currentely have a Kustom 65-watt Amp which i'm very happy with but I would like a bit more Grunt.
What kind of amp would it be?
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Do you really need a halfstack? IE. Are you in a band? Do you gig? If so, how often? Does the amp you want come in combo form?
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Probably a Cheaper Marshall or a Crate

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No I don't gig but would like to in the future
And I'm not in a band but once again would like to be
And I havn't checked whether there combo's I just really like half stacks
thats probably stupid but I do
You won't when you spend way to much money and try to play it but can't play it above 2. Unless you get a solid state half stack, then you should be smacked for not getting a tube combo. Again what type of music do you play?
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Rather than questioning my tastes could somebody just answer my question and
pretend I didn't say Half stack instead pretend I said AMP
u hav gotta go the C1 classic!! u already hav an amp that you are happy with so i think you should go for the guitar that you are NEVER going 2 put down, and that means the C1 classic
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I'm trying to help you else you will run out and buy a Marshall MG halfstack. Are you afraid to say what kind of music you like or something lol. I'm just trying to help man, not "questioning your tastes"

*EDIT* I would get the C-1 and maybe get a boost for your amp, to give it the extra grunt you need.
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how much cash do you have altogether? what's your current guitar?
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