Is it worth it? can anyone tell me
the cost of life, but whats life to me
if all I want is life thats free
then why are chains so comforting

so tired of the worlds demands
I'm staring at my unscarred hands
maybe I should make amends
or maybe he should crucify me

my nights are long and sleep is hard
I'm haunted by the way you are
I close my eyes- you seem so far away
why can't I hear you calling me?

was I a fool to have believed
that I might make it in one piece
now losing hope and losing sleep
my excuses grow as I grow weak

donno, something I'm playing with. criticism welcome.
Too many lines ending in "me", mix it up a bit. Also, the rhyme scheme in the first stanza-ish-thing differs from the rest.

Other than that, I feel what you're saying.