yesterday i tried out a gibson standard worth $5500 AUS and it was awesome! i just loved the feel of it and everything and i was also wonderin is there much of a noticable difference between an ephiphone and a gibson?
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epi usually doesn't sound as good, and the headstocks usually have rounded corners which i think looks wierd
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An Epi LP Standard isn't going to begin to compare to a Gibson LP Standard. An Epi Elitist would sound good with a pickup change and would be cheaper than the Gibson.
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i just got a epi les paul standard and i played a few gibson standards and the gibsons sounds a little bit better but 4 the price the epis are a awesome guitar
Epi Elitist would be the way to go. Elitist LP Standard (or Custom - depending on the color you want) plus a set of burstbuckers and you've got yourself a Gibson LP that says "Epiphone" on the headstock.
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