i was lookin through the january 2006 issue of guitar world and saw a tab for the master of puppets riff. i've seen a lot of versions of this riff, but in this version, the very first chord of the riff looked like this:


is the note in parenthesis, one of those ghost notes? how do u tell the difference between ghost notes and tied notes in a tab? how do u play a ghost note? and what is it used for?
Also called grace notes, they're notes that are played either really soft or fast. Tied notes have a tie attached to them. In this instance I think it just means that the 2 (or e) is optional and you don't have to play it.
Most likely either he intended to hit the complete powerchord but barely fell short and as a result the last 2 is barely audible, or he intended to only hit the first two notes, but out of habit formed the complete power chord with his picking hand and the third note rang in sympathy to the other strings vibrating so closely to it. Don't stress over them, especially in this case. Listen to the recording yourself and if you can't hear the note then don't play it.

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