Post some of the insane and ridiculously huge rigs you can find on guitargeek.com. Check out Eric Johnson and Eddie Van Halen's!!!

Van Halen:

Eric Johnson:

I wanted to see Petrucci's "Rackman" effects :P But guitargeek doesn't have him yet.
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the only thing that surpirses me is how many leads there are
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With the massive amount of effects Van Halen used/uses I'm not surprised with his. And Eric Johnson is known as being one of the pickiest guitar players in the world when it comes to tone.

Yngwie Malmsteen's is pretty big (if you count all the amps the splitter box leads to).

EDIT: how did you guys make the quality on your's better?
If anything, that site just shows why those guys have such sought after tones, because they put so much damn work into working them out.