does the thickeness of the strings affect your tone? coz we have like light and heavy strings etc right? just want to ask
some people swear by the heaviest strings they can handle, the tone is definitely different. lighter string are more twangy and thin sounding. but if you're playing with much distortion it won't matter.
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maybe playing cleans will affect the tone but for massive distortion theres no difference
SRV is a good example of strings changing tone mate
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yea definately,
i had some...i think .10 or.11 zakk wylde booomers( HUGE) and if you can handle them( if your caluses are good enough) they give you an AWESOME sound
really loud and everything
but i normally use ernie ball hybrids, thick on top small on bottom.
greaT chords and easy bends
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i had .11s on mine for a while, but i found bends and pinch harmonics really hard on the fingers, as bending at the 2nd or so fret required a lot of pressure. back to .9s now and its much easier