Hey, this is a song i did on guitar pro for my music class at school, i kinda struggled with it because we were only allowed to use one instrument. Anyways, enjoy, and what needs improving?

Also, i am needing to copy this onto a cd to give to my teacher so he can mark it, but when i export as a midi it comes out with out the RSE sound to it, so it just sounds real average and i want it to be good. So then i tried exporting as a wave and it didnt work, help?
Thanks For your reply on my song ..
I cannot open your song .. it sais compo5 cannot be found .. maybe its corrupted or smth .. re-upload it .I have guitar pro 5.1 , maybe it doesnt support gp3 or gp4 formats , i dont know..
Fix it and notify me in this thread so i can listen to it and post a comment ..
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I liked it alot, except the first slow part I felt didn't go with the rest of the song, then when the chord progressions changed in the slow part, then back into the second fast part (2nd verse?) sounded really good. The last five or so notes could be sped up just a little at the very end. I'd sure like to hear a real recording, even though the RSE gets close, its just not the same Long and short, fast parts-really good, slow parts-starts off rocky then gets a little better. Record it and post it again!

mine - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408712

PS. not sure if you can export into a wav file or not, I don't use GP that much
Yea my music teacher suggested having the very first slow part really empty and then building it up, im a bit undecided on it as well - nice to hear another opinion... and i guess i probably will have to record it if i cant get it exported properly.

and to necrolust: i have tried zipping it again - see if this will work:
i like that i thought though as said about that the slow part kind kills the groove and the fell though you did do a good job on getting back into the groove i also thinking you should put a new ending on to me it was like hitting a brick wall
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yea i was considering a fade out on just that main riff with the e chord arpeggio things but i dunno, i always struggle to finish songs...