so my friend wants to do a cover of purple rain. but i can seem to find the key.

the progression is A, A/F#, E, D,Dsus4,D

so i thought maybe A major pentatonic and it didnt sound right with all the notes. like for the most part it sounds right but some notes just seem a tad off. not like out of key but they just dont fit. it suposed to be sad sounding and some of the notes sound too "happy". is this the right key though? ive tried others and they arent right at all. can any one recomend maybe a good mode to go over this?
mabey try a blues scale in A just that different emphasis on notes might be enough to shift teh mood a bit or even just A major? pentatonic never sounds quite right without a bit of tweaking but it works for every****ingthing
Just because a note is in the scale does not mean it will always sound good over a chord that fits in the key. For example, the B note in an A major pentatonic can sound harsh over the F# minor chord (especially if the B is played as a sustained note in the lower registers).
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Those are basically the I(A) - IV(D) - V(E) chords in the scale of A Major, so that would be the first logical choice. Other than that, you can use the minor pentatonics of F#, B and C#.. Try the major pentatonics of A, D and E too. E Major pentatonic has no 'avoid' notes, so that would be a cool option for beginners
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