How much do epiphone firebirds usually cost? Cause the guitar store near me sells one which is marked down from $900 to $400. And I was wonderign if the 900 was BS.

Also I'm gettign my first electric guitar and I was wondering whats best if I wanna play stuff like guns n roses.
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well if you want to play GNR then obviously u would want a Gibson Les Paul or a less expensive Epiphone Les Paul.
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no, the firebirds were pretty costly. I think i usually see them for about 800 CAD. im pretty sure at a time they were in teh 900s, anyway, they were discountinued. So they are probably just getting rid of the last one or something (considering that youre not talking about hte Studios, cuaes they released the studio)

i think the firebirds sound great (three pickups discountinued model). Its sort of a mix between the deep lp sound and the sharpness of the sg. Great guitars IMO. Oddly shaped though, but i think it sounds great.

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