So we finally put up some new music on our myspace page and this is a recording of one of the latest songs we've finished. It's called 'End of Time'. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. I'll return the favor


If the myspace link doesn't work it's also up on here - http://www.gotpix.com/music/viewpro.php?name=Dodging Simplicity
You might have to login to see it though, not sure.
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I like it, do you play lead?
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i liked the song with the crazy acoustic intro make it available 2 download i want it lol
that was pretty good, the only thing i wasnt a real fan of was that dj work, but i dunno it might grow on me...
nice. Dodging Simplicity has a nice feeling, your singer has a good voice, like the composition with that wah-guitar in the background. keep it up!
dude, i absolutely love that DJ scratch or whatever that is in the beginning and continues in the chorus and etc... The vocals are pretty cool, they just need to be a tad (and i mean just a bit). Its a pretty good song dude. The guitar sound nice and crunchy even tho they could be of more quality, but its alll good. Nice
you guys have a really nice sound much better then my band haha just great work
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for some reason i cant get end of time to work but i really like that wasted conversation song i think you have a great singer and the guitar parts are really good to i like that wah muting at the beggining
Up the vocals a little because they drown out at some points. They are really great otherwise.

The drums are also a little(i mean a LITTLE) bit low.

The guitarist is freaking awesome.

Overall, it was pretty damn good.
Its not bad at all. The only complaint I have is myspace's POS player. I'm certain this would sound a hell of a lot better if you placed this on a dedicated music site.

Nice beat, the vox sound decent... its just the quality of the stupid player that's getting to me.

Look into DMusic or Soundclick. Both are quite superior to Myspace... Soundclick will only allow 128kbps mp3's where Dmusic doesn't care how high your bitrate is.... they're more concerned with the amount of space you use on their site... but both of them are free.

Check them out and see what you think. I use them both and I also use last.fm as well, but last.fm wants to monitor all the songs you listen to... which (to me) seems like a poor way of introducing spyware to my computer.... so while I do have songs on it, I don't use them for anything other than a repository.
thanks for all the crits guys. Yea the dude who recorded us kinda sucked, didn't really know what he was doing. Messed up the levels (obviously). We're recording with my cousin who came back in from out of town and he is damn good. When we get this new stuff done I will put it up. Thanks again guys

oh and i personally use dmusic, but myspace is just a better tool for promotion for bands. I could make a band page on dmusic, but i just havent had time yet
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Wow... it's not my favourite kind of stuff but I think you work well as a band... really nothing to crit about it. Your singer is good, so are the guitars. I can't hear the bass and the drums aren't mixed very well. I don't like the solo though, sounds too "modern", if you get what I mean, a more "traditional" solo would have been better, or maybe it's just me. You could even get somewhere... I hope that for you.

Crit mine

i like the vocals, pretty cool. not a big fan of the scratching thing, but it is different, i havent really hear that in a chorus much, and i like unique things :-D really short lead though i must say, you shoulda made it longer or so. the only thing i have to really say is that it didnt really have anything that really stood out. maybe switch around structure or something to make it stand out more
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I didnt really like your lead tone to start off, kinda sharp and coarse. Actually, the guitars in general seemed a bit muddy, but that's probably just the quality.

Vocals are cool, you dont have the best voice, but they really work well in this.
The dj scratching was cool too, very original.

Lol, Dr. Strangelove! Great sampling!

Soloing outro was sick, I'm glad you got a lead in before the song ended.
Cool tune, decent quality, great job.
hey good stuff! vocalist has a rare-for-ug good voice. too bad thats really all you can hear besides the basic chords. even so, excellent song, good solo, i bet you guys kick ass live.
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Good stuff man. I expect to hear that on the radio someday.
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nice, sounded really good, the vocals are really strong and sound great, and the guitars are all solid, good solo aswell, i also liked the scracthing and thought it fitted really well, very nice.
Your Myspace wouldn't even play for me after multiple tries...definitely look for some better hosting...
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Ok well apparently the myspace one isn't working (sorry) I already had it on another site but you have to login to listen to it. http://www.gotpix.com/music/viewpro.php?name=Dodging Simplicity I'm going to try to put it up on dmusic or something when i get home, but I gotta head to work right now. Thanks for all the crits guys, really appreciate it.
That was cool you guys got a good thing going here. Sounds catchy yet it rocks at the same time, that's probably the challenge. I liked it and I don't listen to that kind of music. Singers voice needs better recording equipment to record it I think.