HI some guy wants to sell an ibanez,he says it's an ex series,which i practically have no clue what series is that...does anyone have any idea what guitar is this?Looks like an SA,but its from EX ...is it good?is it worth buying?here's how it looks like http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=323316
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This guitar looks like a Ibanez EX370 from the early 90s, as I heard it might be a good guitar and hard to get because it isn't produced anymore thats why you could get problems if you want to repare something on it. Its a good guitar for deeper rock sounds but also it goes well with jazz and blues.*

But do you want a old purple guitar even if its this rare?

*all information by friends, no own experiences with it.
Are those discontinued, because I can't find it in Ibanez's website.

EDIT: Yes they are .

Go for it. Its very rare and you could be getting a bargain. Who cares if its purple? As long as it plays well and has a good sound.
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is that an edge pro trem? if so , good for it . nice colour too
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Stagg's are the kind of brand that you see selling on eBay from a 0 feedback Chinese man for 99p and no one buys them.
^ I would guess not since its an old model.. probably LFR ? (correct me if Im wrong..)
EX is the first run of Ibanez Korean production. They thought that calling them RG would have a negative effect on the Japanese RG reputation, so they decided to name the Korean guitars Ex(perimental). They're not all that common, but they aren't anything special at all. Basically, they're the Ibanez foray into the low-end market.
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