I am wondering if i would be able to do something with a practice amp i have.

It's a Fender FMDSP15, 15 watt ss amp, and i am wondering whether i would be able to cannibalize the overdrive channel on it when the thing finally craps out on me.
The plan WOULD be to make the overdrive channel into a stompbox-ish thing
The amp's overdrive channel uses a modeling-type selector between several different sounds, such as Metal, HotRod, Blackface, British ect.

The point of this would be to have a stompbox made from parts i already have (maybe being pre-wired), in turn being cheaper and less time-consuming to make, and a way to get rid of that amp once it dies on me.

I would like to know if this would be:
A) Possible
B) Not Possible

If A) some pointers and if B) why not?

And I intend to not kill the amp, simply use the parts once it's died
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good idea. and you might want to wait from a more informed person abou this but i think it will work just fine.

but...i see one possible problem. The overdrive circutboard might be integrated with the rest of the amp, making it near impossible (i would think) to seperate.

As i said before wait for more experienced users in the electronics feild
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It should work. You will have to understand how to build and wire though. You can build an overdrive pedal, but you will have to drill into the amp and wire it right and everything. Just build it as a pedal in a seperate box. It will be the same thing but easier.
^either i misread your post or you misread his. I'm pretty sure that he wants to take the existing distortion circuit(s) and put them in a stompbox type thing. But if you know that then ignore me
yea what thesumoftwo said.

i believe the amp is going to crap out on me (just a hunch...) and will try to re-use the parts.

for this though, would i be able to make it so it has a 9v battery or wall plug-in or what? would the existing circuits affect that?
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