im lookin to buy a fender champ 300, its a 30 watt amp and i was wandering if u think that would be loud enough to use for gigs with, or small gigs as it were.

i no fender amps have always bin so much louder than marshall amps, (my fender 15 watt amp has never been above volume level 3) but is 30 watts enough, or would i need 50 or more?

well i am no specialist in fender amp but i do know that in general 30 is to less to be louder then the drums. but that is also depending on your music style if you play metal 30 is not enough. but is you are doing some pop song it might work. I myself use a 120 W 212 Marshall which works out fine but if you are going to buy the fender champ i'd say go 50 W or even higher.

it doesn't matter that much when you are going to amplify the amp sound. but with small gigs you probably wont.

i have a fender champ and the thing is awsome. i love it! my only till with the thing is its blown up to many times. so ya theyre loud but you cant get too loud. mine also feeds back alot if i get the volume much past the 9. but im not the first owner of mine so mine might not be such a great example. but i think they'd be great for doing gigs. but like cafe's and bars and stuff where you dont get to loud. thats where i took mine. before it blew up the last time and i havent gotten around to fixing it.....partly cause my dad gave me his 50's fender bassman =)
yea small gigs like bars and cafes are wot im probly going to be doing, playing a classic rock n roll style. sumtimes i will just be playing on my own tho. i no fender amps r loud bt didn no if 30 watts was enuf. i hav herd they r gd amps, bt cheers 4 the advice